Religion and Culture

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This is Friday, February 13, Heat Up,  2015


Culture and Religion

We bring you a variety of topics for your listening pleasure and for you to try out, and give us a feed back on how you do it. So neighbor let us all get in the spirit of this program and participate fully in— What’s Cooking?

Below is the order of our What’s Cooking Menu

Caribbean Gospel Solo MixWhat InJewism Symbol meansBush Kitchen Cook…Min. of Ed. NewsCook Up Rice from GuyanaHow to cook Guyanese SoupHow to make Dhal RotiSong Let’s be the Change│

That read by you, we commence with a prayer: Almighty God we thank you for life, health and strength, to be in the land of the living; and to live in peace where possible with all men. As civilized people, we can live together in peace, love and unity in all the ten regions in Guyana, and with all men everywhere. And by your grace, heavenly Father, do help our six peoples to come together as one people, one nation, with a common destiny to take back Guyana now, and together with our young people, restore her from its ruins of the past by your power: to a glorious Guyana both now and for our future generations, in Jesus’ name. Amen. We now go on to the next item on our menu, and this is “Caribbean Gospel Solo Mix“, with Sister Charmine. Ladies and Gentlemen, our precious Youths, this What’s Cooking, and to put you in the mood she starts with Fire, Fire, Fire!  Lets rejoice, and praise the Lord for all old and new Non Racial Voters (NRV).Thanks to Sister Charmine.

 Symbol of InJewism -The Religion of the InJew Nation of Christ; with roots in Guyana, South America.

Symbol of InJewism -The Religion of the InJew Nation of Christ; with roots in Guyana, South America.

I hope that that rendition by Sister Charmine really charmed you into singing and dancing; and we now go to the next item on the menu which may be read below:- Enjoy.

 What our Injewism symbol represents?

The Symbol represents our InJew religion, namely, InJewism.  INJEWISM— is a strictly monotheistic religion of the InJew Nation in Christ, (founded in Guyana, South America), who exercise “Faith in Christ” for salvation and healing]. Faith in Christ is the new inner path to righteousness our little flock in Guyana has chosen on our way back to God through Him. [Romans 2:28-29, 1 Peter 2: 9, 10] The green arrow pointing inward indicates that our form of religion is inward, spontaneous and spirit led. The Star represents Christ Jesus our Example, Head and Hero. And as the Day Star who currently illuminate our minds. [1 Corinthians 11: 3; 11 Peter 1:19] The yellow border represents Yahweh’s glory through Christ shining all around and over us: and His prosperity upon us as individuals; and as a nation under the invisible Kingdom of Christ. [1 Peter 2: 9-10]. The black color on the Star represents the enduring faith of God’s people. The green band at the top and bottom of the banner each represents the green pastures both spiritual and physical in which Yahweh makes us to lie. [Psalm 23: 2-3].The white background represents the still waters beside which Yahweh by His Spirit leads us, as well as two characteristics of His Kingdom namely, righteousness and peace. [Psalm 23:2; Revelation 7:17; Romans 14:17; Isaiah 52:7; Ephesians 6:15]  Praise the Lord, and do remember this our small sub-group in your prayers. Thank you.

And now Ladies and Gentleman and all of our youths, we go on to a more practical side of every day life where we can learn some new things from others and even practice the good experiences that would benefit us. Well, don’t take my word for granted, make sure you see Bush Kitchen Cook and all the activities on the menu from following this one. │Bush Kitchen Cook…Min. of Ed. NewsCook Up Rice from GuyanaHow to cook Guyanese SoupWapishana Hammack│How to make Dhal RotiSong, Let’s be the Change│

We now bring an end to our Program, What’s Cooking? with the song entitled, “Let’s be the Change.”

If you can cook a good Cook Up, or Dhal Roti, or Soup, type Amen in the comment box. Until the next meet at What’s Cooking, God bless you.

Walking in the newness of life,

Pastor: Wilfred A. Wilson.