Writing: Everyday Inspiraton

Writing: Everyday Inspiration, Day 20: Wrap It Up


Writing: Every Day Inspiration; is a challenging Course which exposes a participant in a variety of ways that could inspire him/her to write and publish their post. It has certainly enlightened my mind and enhanced my writing skills.
Thanks to WordPress.com, Staff, and Individuals who labored to make these Courses available to us. A special thanks to @Michele W

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Writing: Everyday Inspiration

While there are many reasons why people do things, on one hand: there are some who do things for reason they themselves do not know, on the other hand. I admire the approach the course “Writing: Everyday Inspiration” took from Day One.

Day one: I write because, —allowed a participant to dig deeply within to bring out the root-cause why he/she writes. Admirably, from day one of this Writing Course Participants were asked to give reasons why we write, and again that was a good approach to start this course. While Day two: The methodology used assisted each participant to let go of any existing pent up feelings, and allow his/her thoughts to flow freely by practically thinking what to write on a list, and by actually writing a list of things he/she likes. Day three: One word inspiration, — was helpful in that it helped participants to look at one word for inspiration to post their ideas. However, Day four: Writing a story in a single image,—  was a continuity of Day three, but at the next level where participants found out that inspiration comes not only from a single word, but also from a single image to write stories, essays, poems, and personal thoughts. This brings us to Day Five: Hook ‘em with a quote, — This was very interesting. And it encouraged Participants to use quotes from others to start their writing. Next was Day six: The space to write,— this exercise prompted participants to express their preferences concerning a comfortable space to write, for example, blogging on a personal laptop, or in a coffee shop, or in  a quiet room, or in a closed space, or in an isolated area. Day seven: Let the social media inspire you, — exposed participants to new places, for instance, Twitter, and Facebook, and New York Times etc. to receive inspiration to write. Day eight: Reinvent the letter format, — prompted participants to use a letter to write a story and to get their message across. Day nine: Writing and not writing, — had a different approach when compared with the previous days. It allowed participants to take a break and focus on alternatives such as, to take part in social activities, to have new experiences, and “to reflect and recharge before returning to their writing space. This was a great idea that was transmitted to us and we put into practice. Following that break, Day 10: Let the scene write itself,— made participants shift from finding information on our personal experiences, images and words: to silently observing our world, and write our observations. From the challenging assignment, we faced Day 11: A cup of tea, — as part of the program helped participants to see the need to update their work, or blog, regardless of its nature. And a creative approach to affect an update post is via a “virtual coffee date.” This brings us to Day !2: Critique a work,—This fine task helped participants to express our opinion on something we were passionate about, for instance, a piece of art, or something to do with entertainment, other. It helped boost participants’ commenting skills. But Day Thirteen: Play with Word Count:—Helped participants received inspiration by changing things up, for example, using Word Count. Moving away from using a timed free-write and word count exercise, Day Fourteen: Recreate a Single Day: — helped participants to incorporate a new restriction i.e. to write a post that “takes place during a single day.” Day Fifteen: Take a Cue from the Reader: — encouraged participants to find inspiration to write through a Contact Form or a Poll set up to collect feedback information. This brings us to Day Sixteen: Mine Your Own Materials:—encouraged participants to find materials things we cherish on line as inspiration for a New Post, for example, in Facebook. Another Change for inspiration came with the course Day Seventeen: a Map as Your Mouse: —this course was informative. It helped participants to know the purpose of the use of maps in writing, for example, it is used to: tell personal tales, our country of origin, identify locations, and track movements, etc. We now come to Day Eighteen: A Series of Anecdotes: —this coursehelped participants to understand that constant repetition and build up give formation and impetus to a piece of writing, and it keeps our readers occupied too. Then Day Nineteen: Feature a Guest: —engaged participants in reaching out to a candidate to collect needed materials to publish a post, but with link back to the Collaborator’s site. And last but not least, Day 20: Wrap it up: —which gave me the opportunity to put the whole course in this format  and to make short comments. End.



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