Writing: Every Day Inspiration, Day Three: One-Word Inspiration

Topic: Hope

Definition: ―Hope is to expect and to desire something

My Inspiration

As a child I always wanted to be of service to humanity. And I hoped that one day I would be in a position to contribute meaningfully to bring about radically changes to foster better relationship between man and God: and man’s relationship towards man― so that we can all live in freedom, dwell together in peace, love and harmony. So I was always willing to help my parents with any little chores they ask me to do in our home and around our yard. If any member of our family was sick I showed special interest because I wanted the person to get well quickly.

Happily, as I became older and started to read, one of my first books was the Holy Bible. And I keep on reading it because it inspires me. At about the age of eight I had a thirst to learn more and more about God, what He did through the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the Prophets, and I prayed and hoped that God would use me in ways relevant to my day. I started see visions every now and then and I realized that my steps were ordered because those visions would come to pass. For example, I saw myself preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ many times, and I hoped to do so one day, and today I am a preacher, with a burden.

I have a burden for souls to come to  Christ, who is offering anyone who believes His peace and love and Joy and Salvation. They are His gifts and graces which the world cannot give, and anyone who hopes to be graced by His precious gifts may receive them and more, even salvation in Christ’s name.

I have new hopes, too, now. And they are: (1) for the liberation of African Descendants, and all Nations from Mental and Spiritual Enslavement, and (2) that God eradicate Corruption from my country, and work though His Minister and Head of the new Administration,   [Romans 13:1-4] to bring Guyana in the spotlight of Integrity and Transparency, socio-economic growth and development …, and as One Nation, One People One Destiny. 

Redeeming Luv