Everyday Inspiration, Day Five: Hook ’Em With a Quote

“Whatever the mind can perceive and believe, it can achieve” ―Napoleon Hill

Ced came from humble beginnings, but was very ambitious. He grew up in a small village and was exposed to the same environmental conditions and economic depression as all his peers, nevertheless, in spite of all the constraints, he kept his focus on becoming a Head Master of the school he attended.

His parents did not have the means to pay for his education at a Secondary School, let alone at a Tertiary Institution. As a result he took an alternative approach, to achieve his goal.

First, he passed all his mid-term and annual term test, from standard one to standard six with flying colors. Subsequently with the help of the Head Master of his school, he sat the School Leaving Examination and passed with a distinction. That was a turning point in his life, for the Ministry of Education employed him as a pupil teacher at his own school.

Second, as a Pupil Teacher he taught during the day and attended classes held by tutors of the Teacher’s Training College,in the evenings . The program ran for three years and the courses were comprehensive but challenging. The courses included mainly, for example, the Arts, Science, Music and Physical Education. After three years of hard work it was rewarding for Ced of the class of 1968. He emerged the valedictorian and joined the list of top valedictoria at his school.

Third, from a trained teacher Ced became a Senior Master within a period of five years. He served the school faithfully and even became actively involved in his Community Development Projects.

Ced’s goal was accomplished when His Head Master reached the age of retirement, and since the Deputy Head had left to take up residence in the United States of America; he recommended Ced for the post of Head Master. Ced received his letter of appointment from the Ministry of Education and he worked with his staff to upgrade the school to an A grade.

After working tirelessly as Head of his school, Ced at the age of thirty eight years left for England where he read for a first, second and third degree separately.

On completion of his studies he returned home and was appointed Assistant Chief Education Officer at the Ministry of Education, and later became the Chief Education Officer.

Surely, “Whatever the mind can perceive and believe, it can achieve” ―Napoleon Hill


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