Everyday Inspiration, Day Six: The Space to Write

Topic: The Space to Write

I hate to be in an environment with excessive noise: instead, I love the quiet. And this is because when I am in a quiet environment my thoughts flow freely and endlessly. So my space is a simple but special room I use to write. It is self contained so when I am not seen around for a few days it is not because I went somewhere else on a vacation, but I was right there in my space.

My space has adequate light and ventilation, a desk to accommodate my computer, an office chair, a cot that I use when I want to relax, or sleep, a small refrigerator, and a stove etc. and a wash room. From my space one can look through the window on the North Eastern side of the building, and admire Mother Nature, how much she is alive especially on a sunny day.

Imagine, the brilliant sunshine, blue skies with white clouds, the gentle breeze passing through the trees, the birds chirping in the trees, the beautiful butterflies that seem to say, “Hello,” when they fly on my window, the sound of nettles; and crickets chattering in the grass in the back alleyway, —all these bring fresh inspiration, and at the same time reminds me that, after all, I am not alone in an enclosed space.

Redeeming Luv

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