Writing:Every Day Inspiration, Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

                                                                                                                 Sugar Cane Avenue                                                                                                                                       Breezy Block, “B”                                                                                                                                         IGuyana                                                                                                                                  24 th June, 2016

Dear me, myself and I,

I write to my conscience to sort out a matter published in the Kaieteur News as though I were the head of a committee such as the GM&CC, and in my opinion had made such a callous, hasty and impertinent statement. The following statements made was among the headline news:-

(1) ‘I have no apologies; I getting like Mr. Harmon’ – Oscar Clarke
(2) Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council, Oscar Clarke, told the media at a press conference, yesterday “I have no apologies to make to anyone; I getting like Mr. Harmon.”

‘I have no apologies; I getting like Mr. Harmon’ – Oscar Clarke

It is interesting to see how the dictionary translates, ‘make no apologies.’ In both British and American English the term is translated:— to believe that what you have done is right or acceptable:


The Macmillan Dictionary translates the said term as follows:— used for emphasizing that you believe you have done the right thing and you do not feel ashamed about it.

I make no apologies for repeating my views


I ask my conscience this question: if I am an executive member of a committee, is it not inappropriate for me to say to the membership, and to John Public, the tax payer, who pays me as a civil servant to serve in the public’s general interest, “I have no apologies to make to anyone?” Am I not for conscience sake demonstrating my arrogance, my lack of good leadership and team spirit as a top member of my committee, and total disrespect for my President and the Citizenry as a whole?  Am I not impacting the younger generation in a negative way by my selfish attitude?

The current disrespectful statement, “I have no apologies to make to anyone.” mirrored those previously used by the Minister of State …, and seemed to have demonstrated an attitude of Assumed Self Supremacy (ASS) derived from a blind imitation of a traditional mindset which can be traced back to the plantation.

According to the media, “The statement made by Clarke mirrored those used by the Minister of State Joseph Harmon in October 2015 while he was defending salary increases for Ministers of Government.
Clarke’s expression alludes to the fact that the culture of governance which is practiced by members at the helm of political leadership, specifically the executive government invariably influences the type of governance practiced in the lower levels of government.”   [http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2016/06/21/i-have-no-apologies-i-getting-like-mr-harmon-oscar-clarke/]

I am reasoning with Me: Yes, I am being personal the moment I address any forum in the first person singular. For this kind of approach can only be acceptable if it has to do with me and me alone, for example, if I say, I have no apologies to make to anyone for the way I look, or for liking tea instead of  coffee, I am within my rights to express such feeling and likes about myself.

On the other hand, if I am an executive member of a group, and I say at a meeting, “I have no apologies to make to anyone…” within that very context, there is a signal indicating that I am demonstrating some type of supremacy over the group, and probably its collective opinion. In my shallow traditional thinking, a legacy from the plantation which keeps me in bondage as for as long as I blindly follow it: I am too blind to see further than my nose, that I am programmed to guard it (my cursed legacy) at all cost. As a result, I am oppose to change. I am not an agent of change…. And no one is going to move me from my comfort zone.

Traditional thinking does not help in anyway, and cannot bring about radical changes in a Coalition for “a good life, or for a better life” because the victims of traditional thinking are still trapped in a mindset of mental and spiritual enslavement of yesteryear. And besides, they only guard their own self interest since they feel insecure if any attempt is made to implement radical and appropriate change, “for a good life” for all.

To honestly affect change, one must first experience a miraculous mental and spiritual breakthrough and start to think outside of the box, or outside of his cocoon where he is enslaved. He/she must have and follow a sound vision and a proper working plan, and work the plan along the new way or path by intuition and by divine guidance to take all to fulfill their collective desired destiny, for example, “a good life,”a better life.

But for me, radical and appropriate change, “for a good life” for all may not be a reality at the local Government level , particularly in the case where as head of the Committee I have made it cristal clear, “I have no apologies to make to anyone.” As “corruption” is contagious, equally so is, this type of “arrogance” at the Governmental level. The repitition of it at the lower level speaks for itself and  is indeed pathetic. Had it been nipped at the bud at the first, and perhaps the second time, it would not have spread this far. But it is not too late to start doing so before it soars to epidemic levels.

The stamping out of “Corruption” at the Governmental level, and the restoration of what was stolen from the State is assured. The stamping in of Integrity and Transparency as part of the Coalition’s Indelible Brand is welcome, and it is a sure sign of the way forward for “a good life” for all. The brand of the previous administration according to the forensic reports starts with a  Capital. And C is for  “Corruption.”  The Coalition must use a counter BRAND AND STAMP IN INTEGRITY AND TRANSPARENCY (I T) in the Government…. 

As chairman of any committee I should not be so naive to think that every member of it must agree with my opinion or that of only a few. A case of interest is the one concerning the implementation of parking meters in the City of Georgetown. It is left to see the outcome of it.

According to, Murtland Haley, Clark said, “The signing of an “agreement showed the investors that the City was indeed serious about implementing the parking meters around Georgetown.”

However, perhaps it is the physical City that was ready indeed, but the sentiments expressed by many (the Citizenry) differ from Mr. Clark’s statement, according to the media. It says, “Over the past few weeks many sentiments were expressed in the media about the said project, and the processes used to solemnize it.There was no consultation with the residents neither was the project allowed to undergo a bidding process.

Questions from me to me: “Meh, meh a ask mehself, a dis wa wee cal byinn pig a baag?”  Hello! The Finance Chairman told the gathering that “the only way they could have gone to do the physical verification, was by signing the contract back in November 2015.”

“Meh a stil ask mehself more questians:”

“Bot a weh de technicaal man/woman bin deh, mek dem nah waak wid he/sh fo giv addvice?”

“De contrack gat dat dem mus train Guyanese fo mantain de metas dem?”

“Meh don ask …. Bot da sign fus: visit afta thing, a wan bad, unprofessionaal an wan inferia way fo do bisness.”

Clarke said, “We didn’t have any money; we had no money to put into this project; we had to sign onto this project. If we had not done that, we would not have been invited by the company to go and check these systems.”(Murtland Haley)                                                     What kind of business is this, Bai???   

If “I have no apologies to make to anyone,” then I should pack up and live on an uninhabited Island, wouldn’t I.

Yours truly,

Redeeming Luv


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