Culture and Fellowship with Yahweh and with Christ

Never mind the crises; today is your turning point in your life!!! By Wilfred A. Wilson

Week Four: Crafting a scene

How words can affect someone: but by activating the infallible Word through faith, turns the crises in your life around, bringing positive changes.

Growing up and living in the world as we know it can be confusing most times especially when there are so many questions: and so little relevant answers. As a seeker of “Truth,” I am committed to staying on the side of the infallible Word where answers to questions are reliable and relevant.

And my passion is to point men and women to the infallible Word, not only that they may be inspired thereby, but, also, trust it (the infallible Word) as a reliable source of help and to draw strength from it always for their physical, mental, social, spiritual and eternal well-being; and to share this love with all others as well.

Scene 1

The weather was fine during the night season, in the village where I spent a night. But as it began to dawn, the atmosphere changed and became hazy and still. No wind was blowing particularly. And had it not been for the characteristic barking of dogs and the crowing of cocks at that early hour in the morning, and the periodic sound of heavy rain drops upon the roof of the house top, just before the heavy showers came pouring down at about 5:15 AM: there would have been absolute silence till daybreak, — when the community would have come fully alive with their various daily activities. The rain had abated but 7:00 AM, but thee hazy atmosphere continued until about 7: 30 AM: before it was overtaken progressively by the brilliant sunshine which appeared in the friendly grey sky. Subsequently, a strong wind started to blow across the land and the trees which seemed to have been asleep came alive in the process too.

I decided to take a brisk walk about 8:00 AM, and to buy some crackers at a Grocery Store two corners away from where I was staying. After my walk, I went into the Store and purchased my stuff, and on my way out through the gate I was apprehended by a woman in her late 30’s, whom I never met before, and who for somehow wanted to have a word with me. And since the store had provided outdoor facilities for their customers, I suggested to Nell, that if that place was convenient for her then we could probably sit right there and talk. She thought that was a fine gesture rather than standing.

Nell was a medium built Guyanese woman with round features, black hair and a charming personality. She was about 165 centimeters in height, and a conversationalist at that. Besides she had an opened mind.

Before the conversation had commenced we ordered juice and two small bottles of water to take us through the journey. So we took a few sips of carrot Juice and she began to talk, but not before I had offered a word of prayer. The conversation went according to the following below:
Nell: “Wil, we have never met before, so we are complete strangers. But I am carrying burdens for a long, long time, and if I do not talk with someone they would send me crazy. By experience I have learned not to trust people because when you tell them your story in confidence, even those who you thought were your friends, they make mock of you afterwards, and even make it their business to gossip about you with others. I am sharing this with you maybe because you are a stranger to me.

Growing up as a child in the sub-urban area in South, my parents were not wealthy, but they were not poor either. There was always food in the home. And more than enough because we planted our kitchen garden with a variety of greens and ground provision. We had a variety of fruit trees planted around our yard and we also had live stocks. So we had enough to eat and to sell, and we did share some of our blessings with friends and our neighbors.

I grew up in a loving home, and being the eldest sibling of nine, this is, four brothers and four other sisters, I had the privilege of helping my parents with my younger brothers and sisters in the home. I love my family and it was fun growing up as a child unto and adult stage with loving caring parents. My best day was Sunday when my parents would take us to Church. O, how I missed Sunday School and my Sunday School Teachers. They along with my parents and my class teacher, Mrs. Willis thought me about the love of God and showed me love also. And I still love God; but I have moved away from the righteous path when I was twenty one years old. And since then life was not so kind to me.

Looking for love, I have been deceived, battered and abused by those, my friends, I thought had loved me. At times I just felt like taking my life when it becomes tougher and the pressure is really on. But something in me tells me no. I really want to live, not the way I am living now… I need a change. I have most things that I thought would make me happy, but there is still this vacuum in me that has to be filled with something extraordinary that would relieve me of my pain, liberate me from this bondage and bring some measure of hope and satisfaction to my life. If there is any good advice or thing you can say to me that can help me in any way, I would be grateful.

Wil: “I am happy that we have met. I believe that it is not by design, but by divine appointment. I am a stranger in this area, and within hours I will have gone from here. And I now can see God’s plan and purpose why I was prompted to come to this store.

I have listened attentively to your story.  I went through the journey with you, and I felt your pain and I understand how you feel. Cheer up now, for all is not lost. There is still hope, you know. And there is still a sure Way that guarantees your liberation or deliverance, as well as healing for the wounds and scars you have been carrying all along. Believe you me, all answers to your problems are found in the infallible Word of God. There is a silent listener who is present at this table by His Spirit, and He while in the flesh, “was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed.” [Isaiah 53: 5] Nell, His name is Jesus Christ.
And I reached for my little New Testament which I carry in my pocket. And I said to her:

Wil: “Do you have confidence in the Word of God?
Nell: “Yes, I am sure, I do.”

Wil: Ok. “Let’s see what it says here to you.”

I looked at her in the eye and said to her:

Wil: Even though the World of vanity, and pride and the words of men and women may deceive us, yet, we have the infallible Word to guide us along our sojourn here on earth, and, if adhere to, would break the generation curses upon our lives, set us free and justified before God, heal our wound and broken hearts and minds, in Jesus’ name. Is this what you want, and what you are longing for?

Nell: “Yes, I am feeling different as you speak. I want to be free, and enjoy a happiness that lasts!”

Wil: “The infallible Word which is Truth will set you free, today. Have faith in God.” Pointing her to the scriptures from John 10: 9 we read together:

I am the Door: by me if any man enters in, will find pasture.

The thief cometh not but for to steal, to kill, and to destroy: I am come that ye may have life and that ye may have it more abundantly.

I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth His life for the sheep.” [John 10: 7-11]  Spirit realm long before the

Looking at her straight in the eyes I said to her:

Wil: Nell, you do not have to think about taking your own life any more. Instead, give that old lifestyle over to Jesus Christ, who loves you… and He will live your life for Himself if you ask Him to do so. And you must value your New Life, which you will receive the moment you sincerely invite Christ into your heart. From the scriptures we read together you need to know:

  1. That you did not and cannot give yourself live. [John 10:10]
  2. That life is a gift from God. And God wants to save us through His Son Jesus the Christ, who give His life as a ransom for us. Our life is priceless, and all must cherish his/her life and be thankful to the living God and our heavenly Father, each day that we live. [John 10: 9 ]
  3. That your life and mine was bought and paid for long before the foundation of the world. [John 10:11], and
  4. That Jesus Christ the Son of the living God gave His life for you, and for me, that we might live. Thus instead of thinking to take your own life: gave it to Jesus Christ, and by faith ask Him to come into your heart and save you, and live your live for Himself. [John 10: 9-11; John 3:16]

Wil: Nell, do you believe from the heart what God is saying to you through His infallible Word?

Nell: Yes, I could remember that I read that same passage of scripture at Church and at Sunday School several times, and I understood fully what my teachers taught me then, thanks to them. But now that I am an adult, I having a deeper understanding how to apply the Word to my life and current condition.

Wil: I am happy for you. Now that we went through this portion of the infallible Word, what really do you want God to do for you?

Nell: I want Almighty God to save me and to deliver me from sin and all my burdens.

Wil: Are you honestly prepared in your heart to lay your burdens down at the feet of Christ Jesus, surrender your all to Christ and to follow His teachings.

Nell: Yes, I want to live for Christ. He is the one who gave His life for me.

Wil: You may talk to God our heavenly Father the same way you talk with me, and tell Him that you are sorry for: the wrong things you know you have done in His sight, to Him, to people you might have hurt, and if you have forgiven them tell Him. Ask God to forgive you of your sins, and to wash them all away with the precious blood of JESUS. Invite Christ into your heart and life afresh, and allow Him to live your life for Himself. Follow these guide lines and God will truly bless you and answer your prayers.

The meeting was a success. Nell, called upon God the Father. Repented, and received Christ into her heart and life, by faith. She claimed her freedom, healing and miracle of salvation, by faith in Jesus’ name. Her countenance had change from dull to shiny, and the joy of Christ Jesus within was visible.

I prayed on her behalf, rejoiced with her, and encouraged her to keep the faith.

A word of encouragement

Whatever negative habit/s someone may be addicted to: be it drugs, an unforgiving spirit, evil desires, hatred, lusts, greed, grudge, vanity, poverty and/or crime and corruption, just to name a few, if he/she believe that the infallible Word, and apply it by faith for their condition, their deliverance, miracle and healing and total well-being is sure, in Jesus’ name. Come to Christ, by faith today!



Experience the exotic power of true ecstasy…!!!  By Wilfred A. Wilson

Week 3: Finding Your Key Moment

Growing up and living in the world as we know it can be confusing most times especially when there are so many questions, and so little relevant answers. As a seeker of “Truth,” I am committed to staying on the side of the infallible Word where answers to questions are reliable and relevant. And my passion is to point men and women to the infallible Word, not only that they may be inspired thereby, but also trust it (the infallible Word) as a reliable source of help and power and to draw strength from it always for their physical, mental, social, spiritual and eternal well-being; and to share this love with all others as well.

Thus in light of the above, instead of putting my trust in words of men: I have learnt to put my trust in the infallible Word, which is what changed my mindset [Romans 12:1-2] and moved me to higher levels on the spiritual realm where I now have a new outlook to life.

The infallible Word tells me that to operate on the level of the flesh and to trust and obey its lustful desires is a temporal culture [1 John 2: 15-17] that would keep me in bondage and continuous rebellion against the Word. And that such attitude if not changed within my life time on earth would certainly lead me to my own self destruction. And destruction is what I never wanted for myself, let alone for others. In the lines of Romans 8:12 we read:

“Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body ye shall live.”

Interestingly, by experience, anyone who from the heart believes the infallible Word, and apply it to his live by faith may have a miraculous change of heart, and his/her broken relationship with their Creator restored by the redeeming blood of Christ His Son. The infallible Word says:

“For as much as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation (lifestyle) received by tradition from your fathers; But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.” [1 Peter 1:18-19]  


“If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin , we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His Word is not in us.”[1 John 1:7-10]

Believe the infallible Word! Make you calling and election sure today!!!

A Precious Key Moment: By faith, confess your sins to your living Creator, and make peace with Him through Christ His Son: and establish a right relationship with Him, in Jesus’ name. May God rich bless you. Peace.


I could not believe my eyes when I saw what was stuck on the Sticky Cardboard Trap. By Wilfred A. Wilson

Week Two: Intros and Hooks

I have not seen mice in my house for years until July 2017, when I bounced into two of them while I was walking on the pathway that leads to my kitchen.

It was a great surprise indeed, both, on the part of the two mice and I, because neither they nor I expected that sort of encounter. As confused as they were, they scampered around and around to get out of my way and after my several attempts to stamp on them had failed, they managed to escape by running their several ways to hide. However, I knew they were in the house and I was determined to kill them, after all, I had zero tolerance for their secretive invasion.

It was not long, however, when I found out where they hung out, because the next morning I saw some packing, which serves to prevent heat from escaping from my stove, pulled out and was lying on the kitchen floor. Therefore I knew that they had dug deeply in the side/s of the stove. I let my oven, turned the knob up to the highest degree and left it on for about an hour, and every now and then, I hit the sides of it to create enough noise to scare them away from the sides of the stove. But they did not budge, no not one. As military men, they ought not to have budged at all, I agree.

Having lost round one of my plan to kill them: I tried to figure out how they got into the house in the first place: and at the same time, I thought it would be more fun for me if I observe the way they move around in the house in order to come up with a perfect strategy as to how to trap and kill them according to my findings.

In my determination to find the source of the intruders’ entry into my house, I checked all around it and eon very window and doorway, but found no physical signs on them, for example, nibbling at the edges of the windows and doors, or actual holes where they would have passed. After so other considerations, I quickly concluded that the intruders would have come in when the back door was left opened for hours the previous day when I was busy working in the yard. With that thought I felt my reasoning was justifiable and I moved on to find my second strategy.

My second strategy was to leave poisoned bait in two places, namely, near the stove in the kitchen, and in a corner just near the dining room. I had used “poisoned cheese” for my bait and when they ignored it, I tried a small portion of “poisoned chicken stew.” I was encouraged, however, with the “chicken stew bait” because it showed signs of decrease and I saw bits of the stew at the end of the cardboard it was on. That was how I knew that there was a visitor for dinner. However, for the next three days nothing troubled the bait and I had felt that that was it for them.

But surprisingly while I was studying at my desk at about 21:00 hrs. I saw when a mouse banked the corner of the sitting room and ran in a straight line towards the North of it and while still in the corner made a sharp left turn and ran along the wall that was adjacent to it: the mouse was now coming in my direction and I was prepared to give it a surprised stamp with my shoes on. So I raise my left foot at about one (1) foot or 30.5 cm high from the floor in anticipation to stop it in its tract. And when I had averaged that it was passing at a point I was focusing on, that was just before it had reached the long draping window curtain to take cover, I made quick stamp, but missed my target by about two centimeters; much to my amusement though. O, Boy, if you see how the little fellow turned back with no little haste and made his way toward the stove.  I was encouraged by that little excitement and I waited to see what would take place the next night, or when ever, so I could find a new strategy other than buying rat poison and have the trouble of looking for dead mice all over the place.

No Sooner had I sat myself down to study at about 21:00 hrs. than a mouse banked the corner of the sitting room in a similar fashion as the previous one the night before. And again, I was given another opportunity to stop it in its tract. I was ready to stamp the victim as part of doing my thing which I called Man verses Mouse.  So when I had averaged that the mouse had reached a certain spot I made two stamps, BLAM, BLAM with my shoes in the corner, and the sound echoed across the living room.  However, the mouse must have used its over drive gear because before I knew it, it had passed the draped curtain which was almost touching the ground, as a result I missed my target again, but I was wiser now.

By observation, I learnt that Mice make a path for themselves and use it constantly at about the same time every time. Perhaps it has to do with their body odor which they leave on the trail…. Also, that they are sensitive to traps especially if one of them dies on the trap because they would not touch or eat anything on it.Thus with this knowledge in mind, I came up with a third strategy. I bought two cards of the Sticky Mouse Trap.”

The Trap holds down the hair, feet and tail of the mouse, in actual fact, the entire body of the mouse, or insect that crosses its path because of the glue on it. Subsequently I put them along the path which the mouse used constantly, by that time I saw another mouse so there were three of them, but I was not surprised when they walk passed near to the Sticky Mouse Traps.”. Eventually, I zero in on my target and blocked all the spaces under the stove with ceramic tiles, but one, which was just as wide as the Sticky cardboard. And I put the Sticky Cardboard Trap in that space, and made sure that I had left about 15 centimeters of it on the outside of the stove’s frame, but nothing happened until the next week.

I was studying at my desk when I heard a faint cry which aroused my curiosity. So I got up and went everywhere within the house to hear directly where the sound was coming from. I passed the stove in the kitchen and even though the sound of the cry was clearer  yet I did not find the victim immediately, because I was not sure what was making that sound: and to be honest I did not at that time recall that I had left the Sticky Trap at the back of the stove. I heard the squealing sound again and when I peeped over to the back of the stove I saw the mouse trapped in the sticky glue. So I said, “Gat Yuh this time! One down and a few more to go!!!”

With that catch of the one mouse, the trap caught another, as the entrapped one kept on squealing. You see, another mouse went to its rescue and got itself in lots of trouble with the Stick Trap. So with two on the trap there was one more to go that I knew of. But that one had “goat instincts,” though. I said this because goats love lofty places in comparison to sheep and other animals. So at about 22: 00 hrs. I saw a mouse tumbling and rolling down on the left hand side of the stairway that leads to the rooms above. I watched with admiration, and I asked myself how on earth its instinct took it that far, and right there and then the fourth strategy came to mind. And the show down was finally fixed at 22:00 hrs. the next night at the Hot Spot Venue on the left hand side of my stairway.

After waiting for night to fall, alas! the time had come for the game to commence, and I set the “Sticky Card Mouse Trap” in its right position on the stairway, just where the clever mouse had rolled itself down from the seven (7) inches/16 centimeters drop, this is,  onto the 11 inches/27 centimeters wide step of the stairway.

It was about 21: 59 hrs. when I looked up from the paper I was writing on , but the mouse was nowhere to be seen. It, however, did not bother me a bit because I was sure that based on my observations it would show up for the Big Bout. So with that confidence I continue to write and suddenly I heard the characteristic sound of a mouse in distress, squeak! Squeeeeek! And as I look around I saw the mouse on the “Sticky Trap.” And I gave a mild shout and said, “Gat Yuh this time! The last one down and no more to go!!!”


How a young pigeon survived its ordeal, and was set free to enjoy its freedom to life!!! —By Wilfred A. Wilson

Shaping Your Story, Week One: What’s Your Angle?

A young pigeon which attempted to fly from a ceiling, but landed on the ground some 10 feet away survived its ordeal, when I cared for it and set it free to enjoy its freedom to life.

pigeonAt first I was not aware of the pigeon’s plight, but what caught my attention was when I went to the shed to pick up a mat, andsaw the bird walking and picking at whatever it could find to eat: and instead of fly away when it saw me, it ran to hide itself in a corner of the fence where there was a clump of shrubs. So I walked slowly up and caught it, but not before it ran into a patch of “Lemon Grass,” which I dry and boil to make tea at times. Subsequently I carefully opened the bird’s mouth and fed it with raw rice a little at a time, followed by drops of water after that process was finished. That being done I put the bird on the top end of a stick which it gripped firmly, and I raised it to the ceiling and to my joy the bird stepped onto a lath in the ceiling.

The next morning at about 7: 00 AM when the sun burst the clouds, I went outside by the shed and lo, and behold, I saw the same grey colored pigeon on the ground again, by this time, to me, it looked a stronger bird. It stood in front the shed’s door gazing all around making slanting head glances to pick up sounds I suppose. So I told myself that I am going to catch the bird once more at least, and I came up with a strategy there and then.

I walked towards the fence and, by taking two dragging steps at a time and pause, and so on; I reached the front of it, braced its wall with my back and slowly dragged myself down in a stooping position under the sunlit sky.

The bird’s feathers of various shades of grey blended with two streaks of white ones on each side of its wings were a sight to behold as they glittered in the sunlight, even as it stood 1.5 meters away from in front of the shed’s door.  The bird looked at me every now and then as I edged my way closer to the doorway without scaring it, and when I reached directly in front of the door, it looked at me and looked away twice, perhaps trying to figure out where to run to escape, but I stooped there motionless. Subsequently I did a frog walk, a slow forward stretching movement in a stooping position, and the bird ran for cover, but I caught it before it could hide itself. It was fun.

The bird felt as comfortable as possible as I fed it, you know. It ate the rice and drank the water well. I was satisfied with the way the bird responded generally: and I also had the feeling that it would be stronger the next day and might even attempt to fly.

Happily, on the third day I saw the bird outside of my front gate along with two others. It was in good company, I thought. And as it walked around on the concrete bridge with a sense of readiness to flit away, I knew that it was saying to me, “thanks and goodbye,” in bird language.  I stood still in my front door and saw when the bird flew away.