Writing: Everyday Inspiration, Day Eleven: A Cup of Coffee


Day Eleven: A Cup of Coffee

If we were having coffee right now I would ask you to help me with most of mine because I know that you love it more that I do. Could you remember when we were teens and I was invited over your and it was time for tea, what would you mom ask us? You can’t remember. Well, let me remind, she would as the familiar question, Coffee or Tea. And trying to answer at the same time you would say “Coffee” and I would say “tea.”  And she used to smile because of the way we said it.

If we were having coffee right now, I would ask you how many times you got loved in one session when we were playing dominoes as teenagers. You said what, “a few times.” Was it really a few times? Man when we talk about “few” we mean two or the most three. But as far as I could remember you got loved four times in one session, and that is how you got the name Love Bird. Do you remember now. You are smiling eh. Love Bird!

If we were having coffee right now, we would talk about my class mate at Primary School who cut me when she landed the slate in my head. Aloma was her name. She snatched my pencil and I snatched it back, and boy she landed her slate in my head, and after that it was sheer red on my head and white shirt. My teacher ran for the First Aid Kit and when she applied the Dettol, I holler and they sent me home. Do you remember that incident?

If we were having coffee right now, we would talk about when we used to go swimming unknown to our parents in those trenches for long periods, and not realizing it was getting late until we hear the six –o’ clock bee making that tremendous sound. That was a frightening moment for us, not because of the sound of the bee, but of the sound trashing that awaited us, it depended on the mood our parents were in.  Swimming or rather learning to swim was fun though.

If we were having coffee right now, we would talk about when we were small we always wanted to grow up and it took so long for us to reach twenty one, but low and behold the days are going so fast that when we past our half century (50) it was unbelievable, and by the time you try to accept the facts, two more decades are staring you in the face.

If we were having coffee right now, we would have compared the good old days to these modern days. For example, we would have touched on the strong family ties, the high moral and spiritual values that were expected of us, table etiquette, the strict discipline at school among teachers and children, the respect we showed our parents and elders in our community, the love we shared among our siblings and neighbors, the bedtime stories our parents shared with us, and the indoor and outdoor games we played together in our mixed community as on big family, in comparison to today.

However, we might have disagreed to agree that unlike the olden days, due to mainly technological and scientific advancement, lots of rapid changes have been taken place in our societies for the better. For example, through the internet, we can purchase on line, take online courses, send and receive messages, do internet banking, travel around the world much faster than before, manage our businesses more efficiently and effectively, just to mention a few.

But what is sad though is the flood of corruption which seems to be the order of the day. A nd even though people are much more educated now in comparison to two decades ago, unlike our time, they lack character badly. We would have concluded that among other things, that  Education without character, or integrity sums up to Corruption at all every stratum of society.



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