Writing: Everyday Inspiration, Day Fifteen: “Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.”

In August 1980 I travelled over 300 miles away from home by land to hold religious meetings at a place called Kwakwani. While I was there I saw a man in a vision, who looked like he was paralyzed. And when I inquired if such a man lived in that vast but closed area where everybody knew everybody, I was assured that according to my description no such person lived in that area.

However, after I return home: in my dream I saw myself travelling outside to another section in my area and when I came to a certain house I entered it. And there was a man who suffered from a chronic condition in his bones. So I saw myself praying on his behalf and the next thing I saw was that he started to walk.

As usual when I see a vision or dream about something I write the experience down. So I kept my eyes closed and remained still and tried to retain all that I saw in the vision to ensure that I did not forget any part of it. Subsequently I got out of bed slowly and wrote down my experience exactly how it happened. I even wrote the name of the person. I called him brother B after I got to know him better.

I believed my vision, and I followed it, so I got up and made inquiries about Mr. B and after I described him to a few people I spoke with, one of them took me to his house. I did not know Mr. B before, so I was introduced to him and after the person who accompanied me left, I explained to him the purpose of my visit. He was happy that someone went to pray on his behalf. And when I asked if he had problems walking he said yes, and that he was finding it difficult to walk as per normal since his shaky legs were limited his steps to about eight inches at a time. That meant he would take about half an hour to move a distance of six feet.

I also told him that God wanted to deliver him from his condition, if he only believed. Mr. B had faith for his miracle, and the third day when I was praying with Him I felt as if the entire floor of his house had dropped to the ground. He felt the impact of the phenomenon and blurted out, “O my.” After I had finished praying as led by the Holy Spirit, Mr. B started to walk again. We gave Almighty God praise and thanks for that miracle.

“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.”

-Redeeming Luv